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Annual SouthEast Bhakta Samaj members meeting:

1 - 12:00 pm -2:00 Bhojan ( Ras/khaja)

2-    2:00     - 2.45  - short pray and meeting
                             -  raise membership fees to $50 - one member advise to spend more money and plan small tour - we will consider                                     looking into it if it fits to our annual budget.
                             - much appreciated hard work and dedication of out going president Mr.  Subhashbhai and welcome new president
                                Babubhai.  Also we added two new committee members Mrs. Bhavnaben and Manishaben.
                              - we collected annual membership fees of total 27 members but we already paid central samaj for 33 members so 
                                I will check for over paid fees from central samej (6x$20=$120)

3- 2:45 - 5:30         - Janmastami Bhajan was excellent events - ALL enjoyed!!!

Following are committee members and paid member of SouthEast Bhakta Samaj for year 2018/2019

 President   -       Babubhai G. Bhakta.  Stockbridge
 Treasurer/VP   - Satish G. Bhakta.      Alpharetta
 Secretary        - Yogesh A. Bhakta.     Meblton

Committee Members:
Mitesh N.  Bhakta
Amitbhai   Bhakta
Bhavnaben Bhakta
Manishaben Bhakta

Paid members of 2018/2019:

1- Shubhashbhai K. Bhakta.    Athens
2- Chandravadanbhai Bhakta.  Athens
3- Vimal - Bhavana Bhakta.     Alpharetta
4- Jignesh R. Bhakta.              Locust Grove
5- Trupteshbhai Bhakta           Locust Grove
6- Mineshbhai N. Bhakta         Lawrenceville
7- Hasmukhbhai Bhakta          Savannah
8- Hemuben. Bhakta               Savannah
9- Umeshbhai Bhakta              Cartersville
10- Kiranbhai Patel                  Ellijay
11- Jignesh C. Bhakta              Cumming
12-Kaushikbhai Bhakta             Atlanta
13- Sanmukhbhai Bhakta         Stockbridge
14- Gunvantbhai Bhakta.          Raleigh-NC
15- Aswinbhai  Bhakta              Hilton Head
16- Satishbhai Bhakta               Alpharetta
17- Arvindbhai Bhakta               Mebelton
18- Ishavarbhai Bhakta              Lawrenceville
19- Tarunbahi Bhakta                 Lawrenceville
20- Rameshbhai Bhakta              Stockbridge
21- Ravindrabhai Bhakta            Bryson city
22- Babubhai     Bhakta              Stockbridge
23- Jayeshbhai Bhakta                High Falls
24- Sanjaybhai Bhakta                Brunswick
25- Dineshbhai Bhakta                Decatur
26- Shashibhai Bhakta                Cumming
27- Ashokbhai Bhakta                 Peachtree city                

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